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WiFi is Delivered to Thousands at the Space Coast Pride Festival through CoGoBox Hot Spot

Melbourne FL – October 1, 2015 – InBusiness Connections announced today the successful deployment of the CoGoBox Virtual Hot Spot for the 2015 Space Coast Pride Festival and Parade event held in Melbourne, Florida that allowed thousands of festival attendees to enjoy seamless WiFi coverage throughout the historic Eau Gallie Arts District (EGAD).

The CoGoBox Virtual Hot Spot feature is an extension of the latest feature of the CoGoBox, which is proving to have extensive applications to all levels of businesses, organizations, government and large-scale event venues.

The latest feature, the Virtual Hot Spot, can be deployed within hours by simply plugging a CoGoBox in to any existing network connection. The CoGoBox will join into the designated Virtual Hot Spot and extend a seamless roaming network throughout an area of any size by connecting multiple CoGoBox devices through a secure cloud service. A Virtual Hot Spot, such as “Mainstreet-WiFi” is broadcast across multiple CoGoBox devices allowing guests and visitors to roam about freely, while allowing each individual CoGoBox to securely provide all the private services to that individual business.

A typical implementation of this service is designed to support organizations operating a geographically based marketplace, such as historic Downtown or Main Street Organizations, Chambers of Commerce, Shopping Malls, Amusement Parks and more.

Guests, visitors, or shoppers can simply connect to the Virtual Hot Spot once, either via Access Code,  Click to Connect, Facebook ™ or other social media – and then roam seamless throughout the location, wherever an associated CoGoBox device is installed.

“The sheer simplicity of the implementation and guest connection capability is the key to the solution” states Steve Gould, CEO of nConnections, “There is no expansive cabling, building out an expensive wired infrastructure, permitting, or detailed network planning necessary. Instead, each CoGoBox is plugged into the individual location’s current Internet connection, such as Bright House, ATT, Comcast, or others – and it provides an end-to-end Virtual Hot Spot that appears to the user like one continuous service.”

The InBusiness team received the approval from the EGAD Main Street organization to begin deploying the Virtual Hot Spot only days before the Space Coast Pride event, to provide a Virtual Hot Spot throughout several city blocks. The EGAD Main Street organization is promoting the deployment to its merchants and store owners, which is expected to result in the delivery of 30 CoGoBox devices to area merchants and visitor venues, and includes the City Park and Music Bandstand.

“With the deployment of the CoGoBox to all our merchants, the Eau Gallie Arts District will provide a valuable and highly desirable benefit to visitors, and business owners will have the confidence of knowing their company data is safe and internet connections are protected,” said Lisa Packard, Executive Director of EGAD Main Street. “With InBusiness Connections as our strategic partner, the district will gain valuable insight into traffic patterns, visitor counts, and other important data to share with our existing merchants—while also allowing us to offer an attractive benefit as we pursue new businesses and merchants.”


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