• InRoom Connections began operations in 2002 as HotAir Network Group, which currently engineers, installs and supports thousands of guest rooms on properties ranging from 60 room boutique motels to world-class beachfront resorts and timeshares.

Tech Talk – Selecting the Right WiFi for Your Timeshare Property

The Challenges in Buying WiFi for Your Timeshare Property

– Standard Box Solutions are priced based on one door. For hotels, one door is one sleeping room.
-Timeshare Properties have a single door that is divided into two doors – A and B unit. And each unit has multiple sleeping rooms, multiple bathrooms and a kitchen area – all needing internet signal
-How do you judge which pricing solution is best for your timeshare property?

Don’t base pricing based solely on signal level. Make sure to ask these questions:
-Are there perimeters in place? -RSSI, CCQ, SNR (signal-to-noise ratio),
-Are there real-world tests implemented?- insure all devices (mobile and tablets) work in all corners of your property
-Is there a Self-healing Network?
-Is there End to End Bandwidth Connection? – it is the unique infrastructure that matters
Reliable Support – at all levels Guest Support, Front Desk Support, or Management Support
-Does the provider have references? – Don’t be afraid to ask around and call references!