• InRoom Connections began operations in 2002 as HotAir Network Group, which currently engineers, installs and supports thousands of guest rooms on properties ranging from 60 room boutique motels to world-class beachfront resorts and timeshares.

Tech Talk: Dashboard for Frontline Property Management and Guest Service

What kind of Dashboard to provide to the end customer.

Management Tool with Insight

  • Full internet status of gateway
    • How many devices online
    • How many guests have connected to your network
    • Of those, how many guests are active- havelogged in and moving data
  • Bandwidth
    • Over the last hour,10 minutes and real time
    • 24 hour chart – scope of bandwidth
  • Notes from Tech Support Team
    • Dated back to installation
    • Insight of AP is offline
    • Each solution the tech team member has provided
  • Information about each guest
    • Name
    • How long they’ve been online
    • Connection log – provides the access code they typed in (which helps you determine if the problem was that the guest typed in the wrong access code

Convenient For On-the-Go Management

  • Dashboard displays on tablet and mobile devices as easily as on the laptop/desktop computer