• InRoom Connections began operations in 2002 as HotAir Network Group, which currently engineers, installs and supports thousands of guest rooms on properties ranging from 60 room boutique motels to world-class beachfront resorts and timeshares.

Ruckus Appoints Premier Partner with WiFi Power, nConnections.

nConnections, a leading provider of wireless solutions, announced today they have recently been awarded Platinum Partner Status with Ruckus Wireless, the industry leader in all things wireless.

nConnections is extremely pleased to further enhance partnership status with Ruckus, which builds on the relationship established in 2007. nConnections has the distinction of being one of the original integrators to embrace the Ruckus award-winning Beam Flex technology and the innovative capabilities that have evolved through the Zone Director product line.

“This is a very important step for nConnections, with our core initiatives in the hospitality industry and our rich history in wireless solutions dating back to 2002” commented Stephen Gould, CEO. “As an integrator, to be recognized by Ruckus Wireless for our commitment to quality and our strong customer focus and be brought to this level of partnership is very gratifying.”

Ruckus, with over 100 patents, the Beam Flex technology, and comprehensive wireless / network management through the Zone Director, is by far, the leading wireless infrastructure solution. Ruckus continues to expand their markets from hospitality, to industrial, commercial, and education – with the forward thinking eRate initiatives.

“Ruckus is constantly presented with requests for partnership, from quality integrators, but our goal is simple” stated Patrick Edwards, Regional Channel Manager, “identify those integrators that have a vision of the future, and a strong performance over an extended period of time – and assist them with their next level of growth by recognizing them as a Platinum Partner.”

nConnections, through the four vertical market segments, inRoom Connections, inBusiness Connections, inSchool Connections, and inOffice Connections, has extensive experience with the entire product line and can engineer, propose, install and operate any Ruckus installation, from a single venue with 10 Access Points to nationwide deployments requiring thousands of Access Points.

“With this new level of partnership, nConnections has committed significant resources to promote Ruckus Wireless through all of our vertical markets, but just as critical, to position our integrated solution as the most price competitive in the market and continue our rapid growth as a leading source of Ruckus Wireless solutions” concluded Stephen Gould.

About nConnections Business & Technology Services / HNG

nConnections is a leading provider of comprehensive networking products and services to all levels of industry with complete vertical market specializations. nConnections is the premier Managed Network Service Provider for dramatically improving the reliability and efficiency of the internet capability necessary for operational success. nConnections is comprised of for distinct business units, InRoom Connections – serving the hospitality industry, InSchool Connections – providing leading edge eLearning solutions, InBusiness Connections – with all business product lines to include VoIP, Web and Security Cameras, and system monitoring, and InOffice – with a focus on office solutions and operations support. 

For more information, visit www.inroomconnections.com or call 844-658-7497 or email marketing@nconnections.com.