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Protect Your Data From CIA Hive Snooping


Just released — SECURITY THREAT BULLETIN – As you’ve seen on all the news outlets – CNN, ABC, CBS, FOX there is serious privacy / security risk to you and your guests, based on a CIA tool called Hive – While Hive is targeted primarily at Windows and Linux computers, Hive also represents a serious threat to commercial grade routers utilizing Linux operating system foundations. We @ IRC take your security seriously – and we, less than 24 hours after the threat was revealed, have already upgraded all our PitBull installations and PitBull Layer 3 Switches to the latest security measures. We can detect, deter, and remedy the Hive Attack/Toolset for our customers and have automated reporting for any future attempts to install this “malware”.

Your security and the potential liability of protecting your guest data is of the highest priority to InRoom Connections and our PitBull enables the “State of the Art” in distributed managed services to protect you and yours.

If you are unsure of your security status – or haven’t heard about this from your current GISP – please give us a call and we will gladly explain how we can accomplish this level of service for you property.

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