• InRoom Connections began operations in 2002 as HotAir Network Group, which currently engineers, installs and supports thousands of guest rooms on properties ranging from 60 room boutique motels to world-class beachfront resorts and timeshares.

How to Increase Guest Internet Speeds – Without Breaking the Bank!


Customer satisfaction is the key to business success of hotels worldwide. And fortunately, hotel managers do whatever they can to make the stay of their guests feel as comfortable and pleasant as possible. However, there’s a rising need for better Wi-Fi provided by hotels and it’s certainly not something you should ignore.

Hotel managers know best how little it takes for guests to find something to complain about. And yet, out of everything, their complaints are the loudest when internet speeds are slower than molasses. You might have already established a good internet connection in your hotel, but leaving it as it is won’t do the job. Some hotels have already started responding to these requirements and as this great article from USA Today puts it: “The efforts are in response to guests using multiple devices to stream, download and upload larger files”.

So, where are you in this battlefield for a better Wi-Fi service? Are you ignoring the fact that your guests already require a faster and stronger Wi-Fi or are you considering investing in what may bring you more customers in the future?

Luckily, there’s an ideal service for every type of Hotel – helping you strengthen up your Wi-Fi and provide you with incredible benefits. For as little as $1 per room, QuickConnect powers up your Internet Connection speed and instantly increases customer satisfaction – Also boasting the following great features:

  • Fully Managed, Monitored and Supported Internet 24/7/365
  • Fast, reliable Wi-Fi connection for your guests
  • 24/7/365 ISP and Guest Direct Support
  • Real-Time Network Monitoring, Reporting & Analytics
  • Proactive Support – We’re alerted as soon as there’s a problem with your connection and will contact your ISP/Dispatch Support instantly
  • Mobile Friendly, Cloud-Based Dashboard, that allows you to login and monitor your connection anytime, anywhere

This service, powered by InRoom Connections, is what you’ve been missing in order to boost sales, gain more customers and increase customer loyalty. It’s a necessity in this hectic digital world, turning your everyday business processes into huge advantages. Don’t you consider your customers’ needs the most important piece of your puzzle of success?